Data & Statistical Support


Acumen’s data systems programmers and statisticians play an integral role in supporting Acumen’s research staff and their clients and works to provide data resources accessible to the entire firm. Our group’s data and statistical support staff update and maintain large databases, including all Medicare and Medicaid data used across projects teams, and streamline the processes for querying datasets. Acumen’s statisticians also work with our group’s research teams with developing statistical methods for complex analyses.

The scope of Acumen’s data and statistical support team’s work falls into four main categories:

(1) Data processing and validation
(2) Research file production and maintenance
(3) Statistical analysis and modeling support
(4) Data infrastructure improvement and process optimization

The data and statistical support team’s specific activities include development of programs and scripts for data processing, communication with clients and internal staff regarding data and statistical requests, and review of existing datasets for accuracy and improvement. Acumen’s data center also works with some clients to provide both standard and custom datasets to external users for research purposes.