Information Systems & Tools

In addition to data analytics, Acumen builds secure analytic environments (SAEs) that empower government clients – as well as Acumen's own researchers – to answer pressing questions about sensitive health care data, using file formats they prefer and analytics software they know.


Core Secure Analytic Environment (SAE) Capacities

Our flexible SAE:

  • Are remotely accessible desktop environments;

  • Support multiple analytics applications – such as R, SAS, and STATA – out-of-the-box;

  • Feature Acumen-developed analytics tools that help users code analytics programs, track those programs, and visualize results; and

  • Satisfy rigorous federal information security requirements.


SAE Support Services

To ensure that users can effectively access and use Acumen SAEs, our technical teams provide:

  • Live technical assistance; and

  • HTML-based, easy-to-search help systems.



  • Acumen Research Teams

  • Assistant Secretary of Preparedness and Response (ASPR)

  • Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS)

  • National Institutes of Health (NIH)


Data Management

With more than 20 years of experience in the health care research field, our data experts know how to:

  • Design data structures for longitudinal research;

  • Develop data processing, linkage, and integration algorithms that make big data manageable;

  • Perform sophisticated data aggregation techniques that transform complex data into research-ready information; and

  • Validate data systems through real-time data integrity checks as well as decades-based trends analysis.


Analytic Tools

Our custom-built analytics tools help users:

  • Query complex healthcare data for critical information;

  • Manage, track, and audit statistical programs – regardless of coding language; and

  • Visualize analytic results from flexible charts, graphs, and heat maps.

To help users rapidly access and effectively use these tools, we build context-sensitive help systems that enable users to obtain step-by-step usage instructions at any time, as well as provide live technical assistance via email, phone, and webinars.


Website Services

Our Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA)-compliant website services help
more than 4,500 users from the federal government, state governments, and health care-related
organizations to:

  • Securely exchange sensitive project documents via project-specific file transfer tools, and

  • Securely discuss sensitive project matters in easy-to-use discussion boards.

These services also include comprehensive, live website assistance — from helping users to troubleshoot access issues in real-time to walking those users through website features.


Security Expertise

We’ve spent the past 20+ years securing sensitive data and systems from unauthorized access. In the process, we’ve developed expertise in:

  • FISMA and National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) security principles;

  • Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) information security techniques, such as expert determination;

  • Data access agreements that enforce critical security safeguards; and

  • Comprehensive access controls for the end-users.